Silicone Pod – The Magic Pod

Now, one doesn’t have to attend to be pregnant to have the choice of stem cell banking. Earlier,in chord cell remedy, the cells had been obtained from the chord of the mom when the infant is delivered, thus limiting the scope of accumulating stem cells. Investigations on stem cells present important understanding of how the wholesome cells are reinstated within the place of worn-out, broken ones in adults, resulting in the choice of cell-based remedy to treatment varied illnesses.

Many organisations concerned in stem cell banking analysis have include the novel thought of banking menstrual blood. Research have revealed that menstrual blood is a wealthy supply of stem cells. The month-to-month cycle is the results of shedding of the endometrial lining of the uterus, which redevelops each month. On this distinctive manner of accumulating stem cells, the lady could be given a set equipment that may encompass a silicone pod and assortment tubes. The blood could be processed and preserved in liquid nitrogen chambers at very low temperatures.

The silicone pod is basically a cone formed construction manufactured from medical grade silicon. The perimeters of the pod are to be pressed collectively and folded into half. After holding the pod which now resembles a cup-like construction is then inserted deep into the vagina, with solely the stem remaining out. The stem could be then used to drag out the pod and the liquid could be drained for stem cell cultivation.

This silicone pod can also be a particularly cost-effective and handy possibility for ladies who’ve the bane of shopping for and utilizing month-to-month tampons and pads. The pod prices a merely round 20$ and can be utilized for 2yrs with common cleansing, with the pack stating a use of as much as 5 yrs. These mushy, versatile and fairly comfy silicon cups could be inserted to carry month-to-month durations for an entire day, after which it may be eliminated washed and reused.

These cups had been first patented in US in 1930, however didn’t handle to conjugate a lot reputation because of the latex or plastic make which didn’t go down nicely with fairly a number of girls. However after the silicon cups had been launched within the 1990’s, a variety of girls have finally began utilizing them due their a number of benefits. These pods manufactured from medical silicon grade are FDA-approved and excessive on the consolation and security issue.