Stained Glass Square Free Crochet Pattern

Stained Glass Square Free Crochet Pattern

Use your talent to start your own crochet business Here are some tips on how to get your business started.

The first step is to determine how much money you want to make from your craft. If your goal is to earn at least $ 200 per Week, divided by five days (for a work week), you must earn at least $ 40 each day. How many pieces do you need to create to earn $ 40? Can you realistically create these many in a 6-8 hour work day?

Step Two: Define and Target Your Market: You need to maintain customers within your own community, though most crocheting skills can be marketed over the Internet. Watch out for local events where you may be buying cabin space. Quilt shows, bake sales, flea markets and farm sales.

Step Three: Pricing the Product: Set your prices reasonably according to what you think your craft is really worth.

Putting a price tag on your creations can be a challenging part of this process. Keeping a record of work time as well as keeping all receipts.

Step Four: Follow through: It's important to get new customers, but remember to keep your current customers happy. Stay in touch with them and always ask what you can do to meet their needs.


The internet has many websites that offer handmade items. Some are auctions or the best deals and some have fixed prices. You can sell both ways.

Buy or sell unique handmade and vintage items directly from independent sellers worldwide. To sell on Etsy you must register. Setting up shop on Etsy is free and easy and only takes a few minutes. You can customize your store with a banner, profile, store policy and more. The sales fees are very reasonable.

Bonanza has many categories that offer handmade items. Unique handmade crochets sell very well on Bonanza. It's easy to set up shop, just register, name your booth, add your items and start selling. The sales fees are also very reasonable here. Be sure to consider the materials, your time and shipping costs when pricing your goods. The best way is to get the buyer to pay for the shipment.

Spend some time marketing your business, getting business cards, offering them to your friends, at church, your hairdresser, anyone you see often.

You can get business cards for free or reasonably priced online from You can design your own cards, there are many templates for your use to help your business look professional.

Starting your home business selling your handmade crochet things will be an exciting adventure.