Puff Flower Crochet Pattern You Need To Learn

Puff Flowers Blanket Crochet Pattern Tutorial

When it comes to decorating my holiday tree, I’m a big fan of handmade holiday decorations… especially the ones that contain beautiful little snowmen!

For this project you will need your basic craft supplies and some batting and fabric scraps. You can hand sew or machine sew together in less than 10 minutes. The really fun part comes when it's time to decorate them. Mine are pretty simple and straightforward, but I'm sure with your imagination you could like them even more.

Consumers needed

pattern cotton lining (Warm Natural works well) or cotton felt small amount of poly filling fill black stitch embroidery with a black tube scrap piece of homespun fabric fabric hats or crochet hats (optional) orange Sculpey Clay gold metallic cord for hanging of all kinds crafted glue off-white sewing thread with a sewing needle scissors

Pattern : I made my own by just releasing a basic snowman shape that measures approx. 5 "high by 3 1/2" wide. My pattern reminds me of a bowling needle shape.

Carrot nose : I made my own with Sculpey Clay. You need a piece that measures the size of a green pea. Roll it to a small ball and then to a carrot or tear mold. I used a toothpick to indent lines on it to give it texture. Then bake it in my toaster oven at 200 degrees for 5 minutes to make it harden.

Step 1 : Trace your pattern on a double layer of cotton, but reserve the cut for later. Use black embroidery water (3 strands), hand stitch two X & # 39; s to look like eyes and five French knots to look like the mouth. Glue on the clay's nose.

Step 2 : You can hand sew or machine sew on your pattern line, just make sure the right sides are together. Use a pair of scissors to trim your fabric within a 1/4 "of your stitched line. When finished, cut a small 2" slot on the back of the body and turn the snowman inward so that the front is now on the outside. Lightly fill him with polyfiber filling and sew the crank closed with threads.

Step 3 : Snip two small pieces from your black pipe cleaner and glue them on your stomach to represent buttons. Cut a piece of home-spun fabric measuring 1/2 "by 5" in length and tie it around the neck to the scarf. Trim the ends if they are too long.

Step 4 : You can make your own little hats out of felt, yarn (crochet / knit) or buy them pre-made from your local craft supply store. For my project, I used a crocheted hat on my female and no hat on my husband. Just my personal preference.

Step 5 : Cut a piece of gold metal string measuring 5 "in length and pull it through the top of your snowman to the hanging cord. That's what they are now ready to hang on your holiday tree.