How to knit – #Knit #strickmuster

How to knit – #Knit #strickmuster

Sandra Bucklund

Sandra Buckland is celebrated for the 3D knitwear patterns she designs. They are mainly based on the human profile. Her own knitted fabrics are used in the development of her unique structures. Her textiles are the result of intense experimentation on machines and are a patchwork of knitted pieces. Her 2010 collections were the first to be fully produced. Until that moment, all the work she formed was tailored. Tida Swinton modeled her most famous piece in the well-known Another Magazine.

Rick Owens

Knitwear is used quite liberally in most of Owen's collections. His creations use time and time again pretty basic methods in developing his pleasantly tailored clothes. On a number of occasions, it is obvious to observe that innovative shapes and forms are produced as a consequence of the strategies he uses to shape the knitwear. The monochrome color palette he uses to define the figure is identified as being exclusive to him and acts as a signature in many ways. His pieces are usually created in a progression on the machine. As a result of this practice, Owen's work repeatedly shows interesting and extraordinary shapes and silhouettes.

Ramon Gurillo

The Spanish-born Gurillo worked as an illustrator before starting his own design business. Under his thorough management he employs a group of enthusiastic knitters and craftsmen. The techniques he uses are incredibly refined. A lot of his work includes re-embroidered designs with knit crochet on top. As a consequence of these technically complicated hand knits, most are not easily transferred to machines. It may be noted that there is more attention to the material and it is curtains than the contour. His materials and yarns are of the highest quality and play a huge role in aesthetics.

Ioannis Dimitrousis

Dimitrousis & # 39; craft is largely crocheted & unisex. He describes his math-oriented mind to lie behind the love of crochet, though I recently revealed that his mother was in fact behind it all! He also focuses on the curtain and the meaning of the finished clothing. His latest collection was adorned with sequins and frills.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul regularly sprinkles his collection of key-knit pieces. His strategies are by no means groundbreaking, though, conversely, Gaultier is a master at combining knitwear with other materials. His mixes may consist of soft chiffons with a tagged mask. He is adept at including details with many describing his knits as works of art.

Jennifer Lang

If you've heard of the extravagant ladder technique, you may well know that it was pioneering by Jennifer Lang. Her MA collection gained fame as soon as it was reported in the UK tabloid newspapers. A litany of celebrities were reported to have ordered custom-made knitwear repeatedly from her. In gratitude for her success, she was awarded a booth at London Fashion Week along with a studio in Cockpit Studios. Designer catwalks next time became accustomed to seeing her creations and as a result she was offered a position at the All Saints brand.

Simone Shailes

The knitting world became the scale after Shailes presented her hand-knit collection at Central St Martins College. Her procedures were complex and time-consuming, and her designs were very modern. The square jackets positioned each other along with the light foamy approaches. Her jackets and knit cardigans were besieged by Topshop and her first collection was launched. Since that gathering, she has been employed by Celine.

Louise Goldin

Goldin is also a St Martins College graduate, perhaps explaining her modern design. She has an ability to find unique fresh yarns that are aesthetically suited to original, advanced designs. The cast knit and chiffon shifts in her latest collection have an attractive balance. Her knitwear has rejuvenated the knitwear industry and encouraged additional knitwear designers to show at London Fashion Week. She is a strong prospect and then it will be watched with interest.

Sonia Rykiel

Rykiel's craftsmanship is humorous and light, and her knitwear certainly doesn't miss this. Her jumpers have proven to be very desirable in essence. Like Gaultier, she focuses on aesthetic details to convey her message.


Gile's fierce oversized knitwear must be considered his most revered craft to date. His three-dimensional knitted parts were more architectural structures than clothing. Giles creates his pieces around a silhouette that allows him to construct new female styles. It is fair to say that he has pushed the boundaries of the hefty knitting scene. He opened the market to a niche for excessive knitwear, as long scarves were fast on the high street, chunky hats and knit boots were the next step. It was a surprise to this writer that Aran knitwear was no longer in style after his collection.