How to Crochet-Useful Crochet Cheat Sheet for Beginners

In my quiet time one morning, the Holy Spirit made me work on a hat that I had crocheted for my grandson. I had never felt prayed in such a direction before, but after a little initial wonder, I did what I felt I was led to do.

The Holy Spirit often teaches me through the very simple things in my life, and since He lives in each of us, why should it surprise us? As I worked quietly in the early morning and accommodated the community or lesson he might have for me, the Holy Spirit showed me the following through my simple crochet project.

1. Make sure you have a vision - keep a clear picture before you at all times. It is important to start working on a good plan.

2. Gather all the necessary tools from the start - check your meter and adjust your tools as needed and do not skip any preparations.

3. Do not give up because the initial stages seem unclear. Go ahead and trust the plan.

4. The onset may be awkward; you may feel like you are "all thumbs up." Don't be discouraged if your startup is slow or if you need to start multiple times. Pressure. If you often refer to the written plan, the pattern will eventually emerge and become clear.

5. Once you have a well-established, easily recognizable pattern, keep referring to the plan - never proceed completely from memory. A small mistake can lead you far away from the trail.

6. Stick to the plan until the project is completed. If you have not yet seen results, do not change the plan; consistency is key! Complete each pattern as an integral part of the whole and leave nothing out - no shortcuts.

7. By working with a well-known designer, you will avoid mistakes in the plan that will affect the final result.

There is nothing new here, and those of us who crochet or sew or garden, cook or puzzle, no matter what project we carry out, the rules are the same if the result is to be assured. God is a process god; not a single thing that God has done and recorded has been done outside the process. How can we expect results in every area of ​​our lives without operating on the same principle?

Consult the plan early and often, and make sure it is a plan from the right designer. Do what works and the diligent hand must rule (Proverbs 12:24).

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