Kufi Hats: What They Are, Their History, and How to Wear Them

Kufis or Kufi caps are wonderful accessories. But if you've never seen or heard of a kufi hat, it can be a difficult thing to imagine. A kufi is a rounded, brimless and small hat that is often worn by toddlers and infants. They are usually made of cotton and are available in many different colors to choose from. They are usually woven from 100% cotton and crocheted in an attractive pattern. Sometimes kufi hats made in the US have a short edge. Kufi is made in a multitude of colors ranging from white, pink, blue, green, purple to black.

Origin of Kufi hats

These hats have a very rich history. Kufi hats were traditionally worn by men in West Africa and are part of the national costume during religious ceremonies in some African countries. These hats are usually worn by older men to signify wisdom, age and religion. In fact, most men in the United States wearing a kufi hat wear it to show pride in their ancestry and culture. The crowned hat worn in African culture is called "Dashiki". Furthermore, there are many different types of hats that originate in Africa. The Fez wool hat originates from North Africa, where it is known as a "tarboush" and is very similar to the brimless, short and round kufi robe worn by Nigerians. And then in It is crochet and knitted kufis worn by toddlers and infants.

How to use Kufis?

In America, kufis have become a well-known accessory even worn by celebrity babies and toddlers! It is extremely popular to wear the kufi hat with an attached crochet or plastic flower on the brim. Simply cut or glue the glue on the hat using the distance between the crocheted design as an anchor for the decoration. Then place the hat hard over your child or toddler's head. It is shabby just like the original African kufi, so it is a great fashion accessory in the winter and fall.

Who should wear them?

Kufis has been featured on many shows and looks amazing on infants, toddlers and kids of all ages. And now kufis are made in the larger sizes that are able to fit teens to adults. Nevertheless, these hats are mainly featured on infants and toddlers. Therefore, these hats are mainly for young girls, boys and occasionally young women. These hats are great during the winter or fall seasons.

What are the costs?

Like most winter hats, these hats are cheap – a kufi can run you anywhere from $ 3-5 each. Even cheaper if purchased through wholesalers online. A great wholesaler who can provide pictures, prices and more information online is