Crochet sock pattern for the whole family. These beautiful cable crochet socks c…

Crochet sock pattern for the whole family. These beautiful cable crochet socks can be made in 11 different sizes including baby, toddler, kids, and adult mens and womens! The perfect thick reading socks for cold Winter days you won't believe they're crochet. Pattern is beginner friendly AND includes a video tutorial. Download it today!

Free Baby Crochet Patterns

There are many free baby crochet patterns scattered all over the internet. So if you are expecting a little one or know someone who is, you have no excuse not to give something unique and handmade.

If you do not know how to crochet, now is the perfect time to learn. Most free baby crochet patterns online are easy to follow, and not only that, the baby patterns are much smaller, making them perfect for the beginning crochet. Plus your baby will never know about the shortcomings the little hat or sweater has; as long as it keeps the baby warm is all that matters.

The free baby crochet patterns that you can find online are as well written and beautiful as any pattern you can get in a book. Of course, they are not the same patterns, so you may still want to get a book with baby crochet patterns, but really it is not necessary.

You can find many free designs online such as baby booties, hats, mittens, sweaters, blankets, bangs, washcloths, dresses and even patterns for toys.

So why should you crochet for your baby?

Well, everyone loves to wear something handmade or crochet, and I’m sure if babies could talk, they would tell the same thing. Crocheted items are as comfortable to wear as any other manufactured item, if not more comfortable. But not only are they more comfortable, they are made with love, and therefore they continue to be appreciated for many years to come.

Baby crochet patterns usually require a baby yarn that is extra soft because baby's skin is sensitive.

Crocheted items are also as durable as store-bought items and can be brought to the Salvation Army when they are no longer needed, or the younger siblings will be more than happy to wear the wonderful hand crocheted clothing. Crocheted items also yield large heirlooms.

Last but not least, if you have a tight budget, crocheting for your baby is the cheapest way to dress your little one with new clothes. For the price you pay for a new rug, or clothing, you can buy good quality yarn and make two or three clothes. And the best part is that they will be as appreciated as anything a store buys.

As for patterns, I already mentioned that there are enough free baby crochet patterns online so you will never have to buy any baby crochet pattern anywhere.